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Conditions for using the website
Visiting this website will be comprehended as your consent with all the terms and conditions of this disclaimer page. If you have any reservations regarding this notice then Examcollection recommends you not visit this website.

Warranties and liabilities
Examcollection makes all the due efforts to develop the content of the website accurate and up to the mark. However, any kind of flaws or incompleteness will not be referred to as mistakes on behalf of Examcollection. All the content formulated on this website is developed in the best of faith to ensure high quality though the company is not responsible for keeping the information updated, trustworthy, and up to the highest levels of accuracy.

Web servers that develop this website are not guaranteed to be viruses or bugs free so the visitor is completely responsible for making all the precautionary measures against these threats. Examcollection suggests you scan all the files before the final downloading. The content on this website cannot be taken as a piece of expert advice and thus Examcollection excludes all the affirmations regarding the use of this website.

Moreover, Examcollection has legal immunity over all the damages which can be caused by the use of this website including direct, indirect special, and substantial losses. Any kind of loss such as loss of status, loss of benevolence, or loss of professional standing; information, and the result are inculcated in the category of failures for which the client will be fully responsible.

The copyright law of Examcollection
All the documents, pictures, graphs, contents, and the website of Examcollection are protected by copyright law. Any violation of this law will be considered a criminal act against which strict legal actions can be taken.

All the high-quality content is developed wholly and solely by Examcollection and thus it is the individual property of this company.

There are no hidden partnerships of Examcollection regarding all its products, content, and material except the few which are comprehensively and repeatedly discussed over the website.

Trade names
All the logos and trade names mentioned on this website, all the documents, demos, products, and study guides are the brand names of their owners.

Privacy Policy
The privacy policy is all about the ways that how Examcollection protects all your personal information which you give to the website for registration or any kind of purchase.

Confidentiality of your personal information is the responsibility of Examcollection. All the information will be kept a secret from all kinds of external sources. All the information which the website asks you while registering here is just used as a source of your identification and thus this information will only be used within the parameters of this privacy policy.

Examcollection is authorized to modify or transform the policies of this website as per the requirement. Thus, customers are advised to visit this page often as it will help them in being informed about all the recent changes.

Information required by the website
Examcollection only requires basic information of your complete name and email address for the registration process.

Why this information is required?
Examcollection aspires to understand you individually which will be very helpful in offering you the relevant content which can come up to your expectations. Following are our main concerns:

  • Maintaining internal records for the website
  • The information will also help us in improving the quality of our products over time
  • Examcollection can also send you promotional emails which will be entire of your interest just for the sake of letting you know about all the recent special offers and any other information which can be useful for you.
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority of Examcollection and thus we can also use your contact information for carrying out different market research. It will help us in enhancing the quality of information and products according to your preferences.

Securing your information is the sole responsibility of Examcollection and the company will be liable for securing your credentials. To secure all your personal information Examcollection has devised a foolproof procedure by developing strong electronic and managerial actions to prevent any loss of information.

How cookies are used?
You must have seen cookies while visiting different websites. These cookies allow your consent to be saved on your computer. Similarly, the Examcollection website also offers you a cookie that can be saved on your hard drive. A cookie is a very useful file as it helps in maintaining your records about the traffic. Moreover, it is very helpful for web pages and applications to react with you as an individual and to identify your preferences. In this way, a web application will be modified according to your choices and the prior history of your web browser.

Cookies are very helpful for Examcollection as it identifies the websites which our clients usually visit. By getting to know about your frequently visited website we will be able to make our products nearer to your likings and choices. One thing should be remembered that all this information is being used for overall analysis and then it will be deleted safely.

You will be able to visit a website that is closest to your imagination of an ideal website following your requirements as these cookies will categorize your choices in front of us. Furthermore, cookies will identify which pages you find more useful. It doesn't mean that cookies are a source of access to your personal computers. In contrast, cookies will only inform us about your preferred web pages.

Manage your information
Clients of Examcollection allow you to restrict the information access as per your satisfaction

  • You can easily uncheck the option at the end of all the survey pages which will restrict us from using that information for any kind of promotional or marketing purposes.
  • You can also email us about changing your preference for information sharing

Examcollection assures you the security of your personal information. We will never share this information with any third party before your approval and if you disapprove then Examcollection is liable to secure your information. We may send you the promotional emails of third parties just for the sake of providing you with the most relevant information you need from us.